ElectroMagnetic Equipments

We have focused our all attention on fundamental causes of manufacturing and other production criteria. We have set our developing path at its best. We are been well aware of production purposes offer very responsible series of products. We know that quality of our equipment will further decide quality of other products. So, we put forward best possible product with economic price. We have included certain decisive factors to our production procedure to provide optimum level products. We are counted in one of the top most manufacturers and suppliers of India providing best quality magnetic equipment. We have designed and developed large series of magnetic like Plate Magnet, Vibrating Motors, Hump Magnet, Funnel Magnet, Magnetic Rods, Pipe Line Magnetic Separator, Vibratory Feeder, Vibrating Screen, Suspended Magnet and Over Band Magnetic Separator.

By understanding and considering each and every diminutive aspect of usages of our magnetic rod, we have improved our skill and proficiency. We also offer Magnetic Separator, Permanent magnetic Chuck, Grill Magnet, Drawer Magnets, Pulley Magnet, Roller Magnetic Separators, Magnetic Lifter and Lifting Magnet. Having qualitative excellence of the equipments, our equipments are highly demanded in many countries worldwide. It is successfully worked in countries like Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Guyana, Honduras, Romania, Bhutan, France, Morocco and Cuba. We are looking for Business Partner from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Germany, Japan, Pakistan, South Korea , Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore.

Magnetic Equipment Manufacturer

We are recognized manufacturer and exporter of optimum quality magnetic separator. Our magnetic separators are used in so many industries to maintain the service life of machinery. It is also used to enhance final product quality. Single drum magnetic separator is an enclosed device that ensures dust free operations. Single drum magnetic separator contains high density magnets. 

It is also provided with isotropic permanent magnets for efficient removal of iron impurities. It is used in so many industries like grains, chemicals, minerals and many more. 

Magnetic Pulleys

Being well known manufacturer of magnetic equipments, we provide magnetic pulleys of varied capacity. Magnetic pulley is used to capture the ferrous contaminants from the flowing material in belt conveyor. It possess strong magnetic gradient. We offer best quality magnetic pulley with versatile models.

It is completely enclosed structure that ensures pollution free and dust free operations. It is used in various industrial applications. Mostly it is used in coal, waste recycling, concrete plants and many more applications.


Magnetic Rods is powerful magnetic equipment used for many applications in several industries. It is suitable for the material having low moisture content. Magnetic Rods is used in several electrical and electronic articles. It is also used for fishing reel break, audio speaker and computer hard drives. For some applications, it is demanded with high power magnetic field.

To enhance its efficiency it is subject to fine coating of nickel. We also provide samarium-cobalt and neodymium earth rods.


We are considered as the major manufacturer and exporter of the wet drum magnetic separator. Our wet drum magnetic separator is available with completely enclosed design that ensures dust free operations. It contains semicircular separating chamber situated beneath drum. Cylinder contains permanent magnetic discs.

Our wet drum magnetic separators are available with different sizes and configurations. We offer single drum and double drum design for wet drum magnetic separators.


Plate magnets are used in different industrial sectors. Plate magnets are one kind of magnetic separator that is used to differentiate and separate iron impurities from the material and products. In various food processing processes and metal processing processes, the purity of material and product is significant factor that affect the quality of final product. So in order to eliminate these impurities, plate magnets are used.

Plate magnets are available with various options of size and configurations. It is versatile and compact model. We also offer precise customization for specific configuration of magnet plate.


Over band magnetic separator is used to remove abrasive iron pieces, bits and nails to prevent machineries and its contact parts. The material to be recycled possesses large quantity of contaminants. Such contaminants can badly harm the recycle machinery. Shredders and crushers are used to recycle such material.

Over band magnetic separator is made with two different U-section pieces. These pieces are set with bearings. In order to offer powerful magnetic gradient, stroncium ferrite is used to make magnets. Magnetic pole is covered with non magnetic plate.

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